• CCT is now PILGRIM

    CCT is now PILGRIM

    What's a Pilgrim?

    A pilgrim is a person willing to travel great distances in a quest for personal renewal. Our mission is to help pilgrims find their way to the places, pastimes and personal activities that renew them.

    New Name. New Website.

    To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we’re giving ourselves a new name. As of January 31st, CCT Advertising is now PILGRIM. As we start our second decade of service, we want our company to be defined not by the personalities of our founders, but by the mission of our agency.

  • Visit our new website

    Visit our new website

    Our new name reflects our philosophy, not our founders

    Our name has changed, but we’re still in the same building, still have the same owners and still bring the same smart people and ideas to every client.

    CCT is now Pilgrim

    After 10 years, we’ve changed our name and moved our website to ThinkPilgrim.com. Check our new website out.

  • ThinkPilgrim.com


    New name. Same building.

    CCT Advertising is moving in new directions. But we haven’t moved our offices. We’re still at 1441 29th Street in Denver’s RINO creative district.

    CCT is now PILGRIM

    To celebrate our 10th anniversary, CCT has changed its name to PILGRIM.  Find out what will and won’t change by visiting our new website at ThinkPilgrim.com.

  • To learn more

    To learn more

    New name. Same location.

    Our name has changed, but we’ll still be in the same building, have the same owners, and the same smart people bringing you smart ideas that work in digital and mass media.

    Visit our new website

    After ten years in business, CCT Advertising is changing its name to put the spotlight on our philosophy, not our founders. Find out more about our new name and our newly remodeled headquarters building at ThinkPilgrim.com.

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